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Recreational Insurance

Protect your outdoor fun by insuring your recreational vehicles. Snowmobiles, ATVs, RVs, boats, even your moped can be insured with a recreational vehicle policy. Talk with an agent today to keep the fun going.

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Recreational Insurance- Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my Recreational Vehicle Insurance cover passengers?
Some policies will  provide coverage for passengers. Check with your agent to learn if your policy provides coverage.
Will my snowmobile be covered in Wyoming, what if I rent in Wyoming?
Coverage for your snowmobile will stay in effect if you travel. If you rent, some
policies will extend coverage to rented snowmobiles. Contact you agent to see if
you will be covered.
Are my helmet and riding suit covered in the event of an accident? Also fishing equipment?
Personal property endorsements may be added to the recreational vehicle policy but are
not typically covered by the basic policy.
Can I get coverage for my golf cart?
Yes, we can write a policy to cover your golf cart.
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